The courses
Improve your Working Relationship with the Indians
course objectives
  • Optimise your communications during project management
  • Negotiate successfully
  • Understand Indian culture and its variables
  • Communicate effectively
  • Manage tensions and conflict in a positive manner

2 days in English or French

what makes us different ?
  • Inter active training with a quick test every 3 hours (using an electronic device)
  • Written report on all participants
  • Role plays and practice situations taken from real life
who is this training for ?

Everyone involved in working with the Indians whether close–up

Please note that the training for foreigners coming to work in France is identical except that day 1 will be a presentation of France and the French

course content
day 1
  • Culture and perception
  • Influence of culture on behaviour
  • Cultural filters
  • India fact file
  • Historical and economic background
  • Social, economic and political background
  • Analysis of your personal way of communicating
  • Build your personal communication profile
  • Analyse and understand your own day-to-day way of communicating

day 2
  • The fundamentals of culture
  • Points in common to all cultures
  • The major differences
  • Business organisation rules in India
  • The best communication techniques
  • Adopt an effective way of communicating
  • Practice in situations taken from real business contexts
  • Analyse the way the Indians communicate
  • Build the Indian communication profile
  • Analyse the differences with ones own profile
  • Create rapport by aligning ones communication on that of the Indians
  • Improve your negotiation and communication skills and facilitate communication during projects
  • Prepare your discussions and conversations
  • Manage difficult situations
  • Understand the other party’s hesitations and expectations
  • Develop your empathy