The courses
Optimise cross cultural relationships during international projects

International partnerships which are successful for both parties are more complex than they seem. Your employees generally have the necessary knowledge and the technical tools required to do business with the people they meet. However, if knowledge is a fundamental factor, manners and business etiquette are just as important. In all international activities, inappropriate behaviour triggers distrust and mistrust. It is impossible to do business without a minimum of mutual confidence.

It is through a better understanding of others and optimising one’s communication and behaviour that confidence can be built.

course objectives
  • Develop an effective way of communicating
  • Understand and make oneself understood more
  • Build successful business relationships
  • Improve profitability and obtain a return on investment corresponding to your expectations

2 days in English or French

what makes us different ?
  • Inter active training with a quick test every 3 hours (using an electronic device)
  • Written report on all participants
  • Role plays, and practice situations taken from real life
Who is this training for ?

Anyone involved in doing international business or working abroad

course content
day 1
Culture and perception
  • Influence of culture on behaviour
  • Cultural filters
Analysis of your personal way of communicating
  • Build your personal communication profile
  • Analyse and understand your personal day-to day way of communicating

day 2
The fundamentals of culture
  • The points in common to all cultures
  • Religious diversity
  • Major differences
  • Business organisation rules: leadership, delegation, punctuality ...
The best communication techniques
  • Adopt an effective way of communicating
  • Practice in situations taken from real business contexts
Analyse your interlocutor’s way of communicating
  • Build their personal communication profile
  • Identify the differences with your own profile
  • Create efficient communication by aligning your communication on that of your interlocutor
Improve your negotiation and communication skills and facilitate communication during projects
  • Prepare your discussions and conversations
  • Manage difficult situations
  • Understand the other party’s hesitations and expectations
  • Develop your empathy