The courses
Manage Multiculturel Teams

Developing synergy out of diversity is rarely taken into account, as it is considered to be in opposition with the objectives of efficiency and performance. However, to have different values, different ways of looking at things and have different references, complicates the creation of good team dynamics. All managers should be aware of the frequent failures due to applying "one-size fits all" approach in the management of multi-cultural teams.

course objectives
  • Create a new way of working shared by all
  • Master remote project management using the latest communication technology
  • Improve the performance of multi cultural teams by optimising the synergy produced by the differences

2 days in English or French and coaching of team members on site (2 to 5 days)

what makes us different ?
  • Inter active training with a quick test every 3 hours (using an electronic device)
  • Each participant wears a badge during the training sessions indicating his/her weak points.
  • Written report on all participants
  • Role plays and practice situations taken from real business contexts
Who is this training for ?
  • Project leaders
  • Managers of operational teams/production lines
  • Staff managers
course content
day 1
  • Awareness of the cultural difference in management and leadership styles
  • Take into account the orders given
  • Build a synergy out of the differences
  • Give your work more sense

day 2
  • How team work is perceived in different cultures
  • Be objective-orientated
  • Fulfill both personal and team expectations
  • Build values incorporating a shared vision
  • Foster reliability and efficiency within the team
  • Integrate the concept of remote management