Des formations uniques er percutantes

How to leverage and use cultural diversity

Intercultural trainings focused on the practical

Laurent Goulvestre - Utiliser la diversité comme levier

Working and communicating with another culture entails going beyond the linguistic dimension and having a sound knowledge of the other culture, their values and references. Effective communication implies forging relationships and taking fully into account the interaction between groups, individuals and identities. Interculturalism is the opposite of multiculturalism, a mere juxtaposition of different cultures. Interculturalism allows for individuals to share in order to have a real opening toward others.

All the Intercultural trainingstrainings proposed allow the acquisition of a complete and refined vision of targetted cultures so that cultural diversity becomes a real advantage in the projects. By building an effective system of communication the trainings provide the keys to being better understood by the International partners and to better understand in turn.

Emorisation: Dynamic Intercultural trainings with roleplays

With renowned sociologists we’ve created “emorisation”, the cognitive process of memorization of information through emotion. All trainings propose complex roleplays and practical case studies which remain engraved in the participants memories.

The game cross cultural tour (game 2CT)

Laurent Goulvestre - Le jeu cross cultural tour (jeu 2CT)

The game 2CT is an interactive game, original and well appreciated by SMBs and large corporations, it allows participants to acquire good intercultural habits. Developed with the collaboration of anthropologists and sociologists, it activates the exchange of information and practices through group emulation. Individual Coaching