the courses
Integrate your foreign employees
courses objectives
  • Successfully integrate the new team member
  • Give him the basics concerning team culture and national culture
  • Give him the basics concerning the local way of life

2 days in English or French after a 1 day diagnostic of the psychological profile of the team
Analysis of the job and the company culture

course content
day 1
  • Presentation of target country
  • Historical and economic background
  • Social and political background
  • Roles of men and women in society
  • Culture and perception
  • Influence of culture on behaviour
  • Cultural filters

day 2
  • Analysis of your personal way of communicating
  • Build your personal communication profile
  • Analyse and understand your own day-to-day way of communicating
  • The fundamentals of culture
  • Points in common to all cultures
  • The major differences
  • Business organisation rules in the country
  • Analyse your interlocutor’s way of communicating
  • Build their personal communication profile
  • Identify the differences with your own profile
  • Create rapport by aligning your communication on theirs
  • Manage the difficult situations