The courses
Adopt international behaviour in the special universe of luxury markets

The fundamental difference between "luxury market" behaviour and "normal" behaviour is that the former is far more demanding and perfectionist. At this level, it is the fine-tuned attention paid to detail which makes all the difference. However a certain expertise is needed, as the details which are important vary according to the culture one is dealing with.

course objectives
  • Assimilate the cultural fundamentals, the know-how and social skills concerning what is considered important and refined in the welcoming rituals in different cultures.
  • Build or improve the existing procedures
  • Enhance and promote brand value and the whole universe of the brand by creating a virtual spiral of international client satisfaction
Customised course content
  • Audit and analysis of your current practices to assess the differences
  • Integration of your specific corporate culture and company vision

2 days in English or in French, 1 day for the audit and 1 day for customising

what makes us different ?
  • Inter active training with a quick test every 3 hours (using an electronic device)
  • Each participant wears a badge during the training sessions indicating his/her weak points.
  • Written report on all participants
  • Role plays and practice situations taken from real business contexts
who is this training for ?

Anyone working in the luxury services and products field

course content
day 1
Social skills and etiquette for luxury market
Discover certain cultural particularities :
  • Japanese
  • American
  • Chinese
  • Indian
  • Russian
Expectations and core rituals at the heart of each culture

day 2
  • Include your client’s specific expectations in your offer, by anticipating their demands. This enables you to respond rapidly with the right solution for your client.
  • State clearly the phases of the commercial relationship and allow them total freedom of choice at all times.
  • Be flexible and adaptable to cultural differences of each client.
  • Make paying attention to detail your way of doing things.