Consultancy work and Coaching

Conseils et Coaching

Why is it that a sport’s champion cannot reach great heights without a trainer and that a manager is expected to achieve similar heights all alone?

Because intercultural communication is not innate, accompanying International projects often puts an end to longstanding impasses and results in harmonious relationships between foreign collaborators. Team management, remote management, sudden change of situation - the world is complex and a manager isn’t all-knowing in terms of Intercultural experience.
The proposed coaching isn’t a training but an accompaniment in the process of self examination for a better understanding of the cultural mechanisms and codes. The objective of this accompaniment is the resolution of problems, most often caused by relationship issues and by cultural differences. If you are an International Team Manager, this coaching will also be of great use to you to understand what motivates each of your subordinates depending on their cultural identity.

Individual coaching
  • Meeting face to face for an initial contact,
  • Sending a file to analyze the situation through different key questions,
  • Interpreting the situation, analyzing the different cultural relationships, obstacles and areas of deadlock,
  • Proposing concrete solutions,
  • Organizing different meetings for one half day per month involving numerous telephone exchanges.

Facilitateur international

International partnerships are often not as effective as they could be and cross-cultural communication is complex. I propose a 5-step which will enable you to eliminate tensions and maximise your profits.

The 5 steps are :

  1. A complete audit of the entities in France and abroad. Observing in particular both the daily running and interaction between the different departments as well as some individual interviews.
  2. An analysis of email exchanges and other relevant documents
  3. Summary of the different responses (approach, judgement, sensitivity…)
  4. Debriefing of telephone calls and video-conferences
  5. Detailed reports to the different departments concerned

Intervenant externe
  • Long term coaching for your teams
  • Coaching your international managers in their decision making
  • International market surveys (mainly India and China)
  • Product launching
  • Designing of internal training programmes