Develop Internationally and Expand Sustainably

ompanies who have chosen to develop internationally don’t necessarily have a competitive-edge in terms of productivity but they do expand much faster than companies which don’t export.

  • Have a better understanding of your company’s international strategy
  • Understand the absolute necessity of opening up more and more to the world markets
  • Adopt a dynamic, optimistic vision whilst fostering support for your policy of international expansion
  • Why develop internationally? What is at stake?
  • The 5 distinctive features of French culture which makes it different
  • Cultural conflicts - a short analysis
  • Identify how we are influenced by our own culture. What is in common with other cultures and what is different.
  • 1/2 to 2 hours
You as the actor
  • The conference is staged like a play. The content will be presented to you before so it can be customised to integrate your company specifics and orientations
Where and When
  • During a seminar, a department lunch or simply in your premises
  • Dynamic using examples taken from real working conditions, videos and theatre props
  • Handouts (summary documents) given at end of conference