Understanding China and the Changes currently taking place

hina is currently building the equivalent to the city of Paris every 4 months. In less than 13 years, China now has the number 1 road network in the world. This incredible volume of construction work and the new found consumer fever in China has resulted in the whole economic world turning its eyes on China. Today, China is the second main oil importer in the world, the main buyer of cement, coal, steel, nickel, aluminium. It is one of the biggest economies in the world. Through different scenarios we will discover the various opportunities which exist of working with this major world economic player.

  • Understand China, its identity, the changes taking place and its impact on the world economy.
  • Coach your staff to fully realise the importance of your strategy in China
  • The China of yesterday and today
  • The real nature of the exchanges between France and China
  • Risks and opportunities
  • How to work better with the Chinese
  • The different scenarios of the China of tomorrow.
  • 1/2 hours
You as the actor
  • The conference is staged like a play. The content is presented to you before so it can be customised to integrate you company specifics and orientations
where and when
  • During a seminar, a department lunch or simply in your premises
  • Dynamic using examples taken from real working conditions, videos and theatre props
  • Handouts (summary documents) given at end of conference