Culture Shock and Mergers : how to work better together ?

ulture shock is an important aspect not to be neglected in mergers and acquisitions.
In fact, the main cause of failure in mergers is the human factor, as misunderstandings occur due to difficult communication and the differing approaches used when dealing with problems and deciding what action to take.

  • Become aware of, understand and integrate the notion of culture (company culture, national culture…)
  • Approach the partnership with an open mind
  • Work more effectively with the other party by being open to change
  • Share best practices
  • Change to succeed
  • Basics in corporate culture and national culture
  • How our own culture influences and filters our way of thinking
  • Cultural diversity and synergy
  • Build a shared vision
Who is this training for ?
  • All levels of management, including senior management
  • 1/2 hours plus 1 or 2 day audit of each of the two entities/companies
You as the actor
  • The conference is staged like a play. The content is presented to you before so we can include the cultural specificities of the countries you work with
where and when
  • During a seminar, a department lunch or simply in your premises
  • Dynamic using examples taken from real working conditions, videos and theatre props
  • Handouts (summary documents) given at end of conference