Asia’s Arrival in the World Economy

sia will see an increase in its population of 43% by 2050, going from 3.7 milliard to 5.3 milliard inhabitants. Today, only 20% of its population participates in the world economy, however this figure should reach 70% within 50 years, which is a multiplier of 7.
Should we fear Asia? Is it an opportunity or a threat, as most of us think?
This conference asks the right questions and illustrates that a real balance of power is possible and that Asia will present an opportunity for those companies with the foresight to have prepared themselves.
  • Understand the Asia of today and tomorrow
  • Become proactive through a better understanding of the changes taking place in the world economy.
  • Become aware of the importance of developing partnerships with Asia, a major world player.
  • Asia of yesterday and today
  • The situation of French companies
  • Opportunities and risks in Asia
  • Precautions to take in order to be successful
  • The different scenarios for the Asia of tomorrow
  • 1/2 to 2 hours
You as the actor
  • The conference is staged like a play. The content is presented to you before so it can be customised to integrate you company specifics and orientations
Where and when
  • During a seminar, a department lunch or simply in your premises
  • Dynamic using examples taken from real working conditions, videos and theatre props
  • Handouts (summary documents) given at end of conference